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Riding Clydesdale Horses


The 2005 show season has seen riding Clydesdales greaten significantly in strength. There are now more than 10 shows to have thus far added ridden Clydesdale classes to their show schedules, with this number increasing annually.

As support for ridden classes continues to grow, so too have exhibitor numbers - Turriff show witnessed the number of ridden horses forward for competition on the Monday of the show rise to nine - with its in-hand gelding class significantly increased as a direct result of the increased number of ridden competitors.

Click HERE to read an article on Riding Clydesdale Horses - Published in the February 2005 issue of Scottish & Northern Equestrian.

Above (far left and right) - Cairo        (Middle) - Dictator from Strathorn, Pitcaple

Cairo pictured above is owned by Theresa Fryer and her husband who live in Essex. Please scroll down this page to see a further selection of photographs of clydesdale horses being ridden, that have been submitted to our website!

Traditionally people do not think of Clydesdale horses as being an ideal ridden horse. This could not be further from the truth! 

They have the most fluid paces, they are wonderfully clever horses who thrive on having something to do, and they rise to the challenge that being ridden gives them. Clydesdale horses are highly versatile - as many of the photographs on this page demonstrate.

  ridden_clydesdales.jpg (85806 bytes)

Teresa Whewell - Riding Strathorn Jake, a Clydesdale Gelding, in the 2004 Royal Highland Show Side Saddle class

Having superb temperaments they are wonderful mounts for a variety of proposes and a variety of people. Clearly they are capable of carrying great weights but they can also be safely and enjoyably ridden by both young and old and as you will see from our photographs young ladies find them a great favourite.

Our English cousins ride shire horses to great success and in point of fact the riding of Clydesdales and shires is hugely popular throughout Europe, particularly in Germany and Sweden.

Above Photo - George Young (11)

In Scotland, ridden Clydesdale classes can currently be found at: 

  •  Turriff Show 

  •  Lourin Fair 

  •  Kittochside Heavy Horse Show

  •  Wartle Show

  • and at Aberdeen Clydesdale Show

In 2005 ridden classes were introduced at the following shows :

  • New Deer Show

  • The Border Union Show

  • The Northern Working Horse Show

  • The Black Isle Show

  • Keith Country Show

In 2006 ridden classes will be introduced to the following shows :

  •  The Royal Highland Show

  •  Fife Show

  •  Perth Show

  •  Dumfries and Lockerbie Show


  • The Highland and Native Pony Enthusiasts Show ***

  • Burgie Horse Trials ***

  •  Blair Horse Trials ***

*** Not affiliated to the Clydesdale Horse Society


  Full information on all shows - entries, schedules and contact info - CLICK HERE

However many people are increasingly competing their Clydesdales in a variety of Hunter classes, Side-saddle and Coloured Horse And Pony classes.

(To add your show to the above list please email the webmaster)

Above photo - Ridden Clydesdale Class Turriff Show 2004

Riding a Clydesdale - What to Wear

We believe that within ridden Clydesdale classes, riders should be dressed appropriately to ride a Scottish native horse because this is what a Clydesdale horse is.

It is our guidance therefore that although there are currently no rules within the Clydesdale Horse Society about appropriate dress codes - our riders conform to the rules for riding NATIVE horses such as Mountain and Moorlands, Highland Ponies and Native horses ridden within Working Hunter classes.

For other NATIVE RIDDEN CLASSES such as Highland Ponies, Riders are requested to wear:-

* A hacking jacket

* Beige, crème or white jodhpurs

* Black long boots or jodhpur boots (for younger riders)

* A shirt and tie or stock shirt and stock

* A navy or black riding hat that conforms to British safety standards

* Gloves should also be worn and a showing cane should be carried

The above list is provided as GUIDANCE ONLY.


Clydesdale Horses Under Saddle - Photo Album

Click on photograph thumbnails to enlarge -  

A_and_T.jpg (402769 bytes) Andy_and_Cairo_-_wedding.jpg (69314 bytes) Aberdeenshow2003011.jpg (88117 bytes) ridden_clydesdales.jpg (39715 bytes) Miss_Tabatha_Harris__Jack.jpg (65863 bytes) arradoul_apache.jpg (81131 bytes)

sidesaddle2.jpg (46232 bytes) JOHANNA_MCENTIRE-RUSSELL.jpg (927496 bytes) Gill_Scott.jpg (328612 bytes) apache.jpg (35223 bytes)

The West Highland Clydesdales pictured below competed in the ridden class at Aberdeen in 2003, all the way from the Isle of Skye. To visit their website please click here to access our links page.




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